What we are about!

One of my greatest passions is community service. My passion to serve began when I was very young as a member of a local Girl Scouts troop. Since then, I've enjoyed participating in community service projects in my personal time and through corporate community initiatives. 

A few years ago, I held a watch party for with some friends to view Waiting For Superman which is a documentary about the failed American public school system. After the viewing, my guest and I had a lively discussion about what needs to be done to help kids that are stuck in this failing school system. We were ready to help but not properly organized. 

My renewed passion to help under-served communities has led to the creation of the Books On A Mission Book Club. 

The mission of the book club is to be inspired by the stories we read in selected books and use our newfound knowledge to help local communities and causes. 

Want to join us? Send an email to and the Evite will be sent to you with date, time and location information. We look forward to seeing you there! :)  

(P.S. Ignore the Events Section below. It's just a place holder until I have event details to share. Calendar updates Coming Soon.

This month's book

The book selection for the month of August is Ghost in the Schoolyard: Racism and school closings on Chicago's Southside.


No upcoming events.