About Kristie Inc


About Kristie Castilow

 Dedicated and motivated are two words that best describe Kristie Castilow, Founder of Kristie Incorporated, Professional Development Services. As a Corporate Recruiter, Kristie has reviewed thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates in the span of her 15 year career.
While conducting interviews, she often met candidates who showed up to interviews late, not dressed appropriately, and just did not know how to conduct themselves professionally in an interview.

Kristie was often torn with the decision to provide advice to candidates to improve their chances of getting an opportunity to interview or be hired. However as an HR Professional, she had to be careful with showing “favoritism” by providing helpful information to some candidates and not to everyone.That passion to assist job seekers turned into the idea of Kristie Inc.

Professional Development Services.


Why choose Kristie Inc?

Often described as having a personality as large as the state she lives in, our founder Kristie is energetic, enthusiastic and engaging during presentations. Kristie is able to connect to her audience because she speaks from experience as a once frustrated employee who felt overlooked for promotions and opportunities to advance. 

Kristie knows what it takes to get motivated and stay focused to achieve set goals in a corporate work environment. During her classes, you will be provided with tools and insight on ways to stand out professionally in the workplace.

So, whether its your team or just yourself that needs professional development, give us a call so we can get started on sharing what it takes to get you on the right path to success!


About our Services

  • Executive Presence Classes
  • Professionalism 101 Class
  • Career Advancement Coaching
  • Professional Development for Management